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Scholarship Policy



Financial constraints may deter many from attending workshops, summer schools, Spring Flings, teacher-training classes, balls, and other dance/music activities. Madison Scottish Country Dancers (MSCD) will consider offering scholarships to such events.

Consideration will be given to (not in any order):

  • Paid RSCDS membership

  • Committed participation in MSCD and other Midwestern events

  • Frequent attendance at Sunday night class 

  • Financial need (self-reported)

  • Demonstrated genuine love and interest in Scottish country dancing

  • Desire to improve skills

  • First-time applicants


In addition, applicants may seek out funding from the event itself or from the RSCDS or other appropriate organizations, such as the National Folk Organization

A Scholarship Request Form should be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of the event. Notification will be made within 2 weeks of submission. Award decisions will be made by the MSCD Board.

Successful applicants will be required to post a short summary within 4 weeks after their scholarship event to the MSCD group email as a way of sharing their experience and promoting the availability of scholarships. The Member-at-Large for Membership will follow up on that process.

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