Who We Are


Madison Scottish Country Dancers (MSCD) is a social group that for more than 40 years has enjoyed learning and dancing the traditional reels, jigs, and strathspeys of Scotland. We dance every Sunday night, and all are welcome to join and learn along with us. We hold an annual spring ball and sponsor dance parties and workshops throughout the year. Occasionally we perform at local folk festivals, street fairs, weddings, and other events. We have approximately 30 members, and ages range from 8 to 80. Beginners are welcome at any time. It is not necessary to have a partner to participate.

MSCD is a branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society of Scotland. For more information, see:

At our balls and some special events we have live music provided by local or outside musicians. Sogan is our resident band, led by Dave Mullen. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets approximately 10 times per year (with a fabulous potluck dinner!) and manages the fun, finances, and work of the organization.

Our History

MSCD originated as a student organization on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus in 1977. Our first teachers were Gregor and Vickery Trinkaus-Randall.  Chuck Snowdon and Debbie Nelson are the two remaining members from those early years.

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